Monday, June 2, 2008

To Womb it May concern Uterine and Menstrual Histo

Uterine Histology

Endometrium- functional layer which is expelled monthly
Basal Layer- Layer Not expelled in menses from which spiral veins grow
Functional Layer- contain uterine gland
Myometrium- Muscular layer deep to endometrium
Perimetrium- outer lining of uterus
Endometrial Glands
Venous sinuses- also called lakes form in endometrium during menses and are shed
layers of uterus


Vagina Histology:
Stratified Squamous epithelium- contains a darker stain than the stratified squamous of anal canal. The Stratification and tight cell junctions prevent against injury as on the skin. Unlike skin these are unkeratinized USUALLY, excessive alcohol and drugs can actually begin keratinization of these cells.
Vascular Submucosa- deep region with blood vessells

Uterus Stratified Squamous

Menstrual Stages of Histology (NOTE: these differ from the physiological/hormonal stages)
Week 1- Menstrual Week superficial layer is torn with veins and arteries present
Week 2- Proliferative week not as thick repairing superficial layer
Week(s) 3-4 Secretory Week thick with endocrine and gland activity, also contains cork screw shape

No slides per TA of menstrual cycle


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