Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cat Arterial and Venous System, the 2 minute tutorial

Amusing YouTube Tutorial with a simple cat model with veins marked. Less grotesque, although the narrator is bit interesting to listen to.

Veins and Arteries- catastrophy

Yes, not savory... Thanks to the street feline who donated his body to science. What can you do? People, it's like Bob Barker says...

Anyways our pics for the week

Arterial System Shown Here
Red Pins:
1- Aortic Arch
2- Right Brachiocephalic Artery
3- Subclavian Artery
4- Common Carotid Artery
5- Axillary Arery
6- Brachial Artery

Venous System
White Pins/Yellow Pins:
1. Superior Vena Cava
2. Inferior Vena Cava
3. Azygos Vein
4. Brachiocephalic Vein
5. External Jugular Vein
6. Inter Jugular Vein
7. Subclavian Vein
8. Axillary Vein
9. Brachial Vein

Another Picture Same View


Lower body Venous and Arterial Pins

Arterial System Shown Here
Red Pins:
11. Renal Artery
12. Inferior Mesenteric Artery
13. Iliolumbar Artery
14. External Iliac Artery ** In humans there exist the Lt and Rt common Iliac Arteres
15. Internal Iliac Artery **On cats internal iliac arteries branch off med. Sacral Artery
16. Femoral Artery

Venous System
White Pins/Yellow Pins:
8.Axillary Vein
9.Brachial Vein
10. Renal vein
11. Gonadal vein
12. Common Iliac Vein
13. External Iliac Vein
14. Femoral Vein
15. Great Saphenous Vein

Another Picture same view:

2 More Views: 1 Without pins

Ask the wizard for a heart...

Pictures, slides and links for the heart -- anyone send a few so I can make a collection. Unfortunately never received any pictures from the lab... so on to the next.