Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Male Gross Anatomy.. no that's what HE said

Do you need a quick review of Histology slides without journeying to an open lab??? Check out this web site... you can literally ZOOM IN on the slides online. Sweet! Thanks to
University of Iowa

As always, my all time favorite SIU med web site their histology is comprehensive respiratory to reproductive with great explanations in only a few sentences.

Terms to Know: *** know on cadaver if *** asterisks present Sorry I need pics of the models... be careful however if googling such titles... Haha
Scrotum***- skin and fascia
Tunica Albuginea***- white cord most inner
Tunica Vaginalis***- double layered covering
Spermatic Cord***- in the cord contains/ holds all
Pampiniform plexus- testes veins
Cremaster muscle- helps regulate temperature with proximity
Ductus Deferens (vas deferens)
Ejaculatory duct
Prostatic- through prostate
membranous- below prostate to penis short
Spongy Penile Urethra ***

Corpus Spongiosum ***- holds urethra in middle
Corpus Cavernosa***-
Glans Penis***-extension of spongiosa
Prepuce*** (foreskin)

Prostate Gland- 1/3 seminal fluid
Seminal Vesicles- 2/3 seminal fluid
Bulbourethral glands- clear viscous pre-ejaculate

1- Tunica albuginea
3- Septum
4- Epididymis


Hannah J said...

Thanks for putting up the site! I'm a biology major, so your blog has been very helpful for me.

ipv6 said...

I'm halfway bio stud b4 opt(really? hehe) to ops the computer brain so to speak..chuckles

~PakKaramu~ said...

Pak Karamu visiting your blog

天使 said...

http://www.ssreader.com/index.asp 里面的图书任选,

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