Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kidney Gross Anatomy- Ewww You're in for fun with Urine production

Kidney terms to know:
Hilium (hilius)- renal artery, vein and ureter enter/leave kidney
Renal Capsule- smooth transport membrane that adheres tightly to external aspect of kidney
Cortex- Superficial kidney layer- lighter in color and full of Bowman's capsules
Medulla- Deep to cortex, darker red/brown holds loops of henle
Medullary pyramids- triangular and striated sections, base facing cortex
papilla (apex)- points to inner kidney
kidney model

Renal Columns- area of cortex which dips between pyramids
Renal Pelvis- Medial to hilus, relatively flat/basin-like cavity w/ ureter
Major Calyx- large external of renal pelvis
Minor Calyx- subdivision of major calyx
Renal Artery/Vein- branches 5x's as it enters the kidney it becomes --->
Segmental Arteries- enter hilus it becomes --->
Lobar Arteries- it becomes --->
Interlobar Arteries-
Aracate Arteries- at top of medullary region, these curve over base of medullary pyramid
Interlobular Arteries- ascend into cortex giving off--->
Afferent Arterioles

kidney blood flow

Pinned Models from class:

kidney pig pinned 2

kidney pinned 5

1. Cortex
2. Renal Pyramid of Medulla
3. Minor Calyx
4. renal Column
5. Major Calyx
6. Renal Pelvis
7. Ureter
8. Papilla of Pyramid

1. Renal Artery
2. Renal Vein
3. Segmental Arteries
4. Interlobar Artery

kidney pinned 4

kidney pinned 2

kidney pig pinned 3

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