Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pathways of fluid flow through kidney and urinary system

Great kidney info site by Vanderbilt University.. unfortunately the slides cannot be pulled up... only a few very good pics are accessible. vanderbilt U info

As usual, the best web site with a plethora of histo pics is SIU Med they pretty much rock the house of histo with tons of slides and great info as well...

Another good kidney histology site from some Tyler Junior College they have a few slides of each part of the kidney.

Histology from Pittsburg University The labels and info included are concise and easy to skim through fr review

Blood flow through kidney:

Renal Artery---> segmental artery---> lobar artery---> interlobar artery---> arculate artery---> interlobular artery---> afferent arteriole---> glomerular capillaries---> efferent arteriole---> peritubular capillaries---> vasa recta (juxtamedullary nephrons only) ---> interlobular vein---> arcuate vein---> interlobar vein--->renal vein

Blood flow through urine:

Glomerulus---> Bowman's capsule---> proximal tube---> descending loop of henle---> ascending loop of Henle---> DCT distal convaluted tubule---> collecting duct---> papillary duct---> minor calyx---> major calyx---> renal pelvis---> ureter---> bladder---> urethra---> and out of the body

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