Monday, April 28, 2008

Oral Cavity including Teeth and Salivary Glands

A short list to know for lab:

Parotid Gland- The largest gland behind the tongue in the back of the throat
Sublingual Gland- below the tongue
Submandibular Gland- below the mandible

tonsils model

Oral Cavity:
Terms to know and identify:
Lingual Frenulum- connects tongue and gingiva. Lift your tongue and it's the flap of skin below
Labia- from the Latin word for "lips" ... because it means lips.
Labial Frenulum- flap of skin above top teeth connecting labia and gingiva
Gingiva- The tissue of the upper and lower jaws that surrounds the base of the teeth. Also called gums, an infection/inflammation here is called gingivitis.

Remember to know the dental formula.

dental formula


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