Monday, April 28, 2008

Digestive Tract- The result is a load of...


Digestive Tract:
- small superior portion
- bottom 1/3 of stomach
Pyloric Sphincter- inferior sphincter of stomach into Duodenum of small intestine
Cardiac Sphincter- superior sphincter of stomach behind heart
Rugae-large irregular folds of stomach inner lining
Greater Curvature
Lesser Curvature
Greater Omentum
Lesser Omentum

stomach regions

Small Intestine
Hepatopancreatic sphinter (Sphincter of Oddi
)- from hepatopancreatic duct
Plica circulares
- All segments of the small intestine have plicae circularis which are folds of submucosa that increase surface area. Villi are finger-like projections of the lamina propria, upon and between plicae circulares
Jejunum- Often found in umbilical area of cadavers
Ileum- Lower portion of small intestine ending in Ileocecal valve
Ileocecal Valve
- Leeds to cecum

Cartoon Colon
colon labeled

Cecum- the balloon like structure at the base of the Colon
Appendix- extends off cecum

The Colon is divided into 5 sections
ascending colon
transverse colon
descending colon

sigmoid colon- "S" shaped
rectum- the end of the line

Teniae Coli- longitudinal layer of smooth muscle comprised of 3 bands
(tenia coli singular)
Haustra- pocket like sacs
(Haustrum singular)
Right Colic flexure
Left Colic flexure

colon model
body model 2
GI tract

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