Monday, April 28, 2008

Anatomy of Associated Digestive Organs

The digestive tract has a number of associated organs we should be able to identify on models or cadavers... Of course the cadavers are too star-style to have their pictures taken unless it's paparazzi style, and I just can't do that to a sweet old (dead) man. SO here's hoping you can pick them out in the flesh too. a Montana University has been nice enough to put cadaver organ pics up

For a great overview of the entire digestive system photos et al check out Lake Michigan College's web site Many photos here in this lab section have been from their collection. There are simple descriptions and tutorials. main A&P page at Lake Michigan Comm College Cruise the site in between my-spacing or face-booking all your buddies... Check out the interactive colon; it's loads of fun!
Here's a liver picture you can find with interactive labels on the afore mentioned web site:
liver 4

Associated Organs
What to know for the test:
Quadrate Lobe
Caudate Lobe
Left Lobe
Right Lobe
Falciform Ligament
- divides right and left liver portions
Gall Bladder
Hepatic Ducts
Cystic Duct
- duct from common bile duct to gallbladder to store excess bile
Common Hepatic duct- bile leaves the liver toward gall bladder and duodenum
Common Bile Duct
- bile toward pancreatic duct and duodenum
Hepatic Artery
Hepatic Portal Vein
Hepatic Vein
Pancreatic Duct
Accessory pancreatic duct
Duodenal Ampulla

Pictures from lab models
liver model

liver model 2

Bile duct drawing
bile duct

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