Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Endocrine System Adrenal Gland

The adrenal Gland is comprised of the capsule, cortex and medulla areas.
Adrenal gland
The Adrenal Cortex:
Terms to know and recognize:
Zona Glomerulosa- produces hormone Aldosterone
Zona Fasciculata- produces hormone Cortisol
Zona Reticularis- produces sex hormones Androgen

Adrenal sinusoids
Adrenal Sinusoids

The Zona's
adrenal cortex zones

Zona Glomerulosa- Aldosterone
Zona Fasciculata- Cortisol
Zona Reticularis- Androgen

adrenal gland 1

Zona Glomerulosa & Fasciculata
Zona Glomerulosa up close

adrenal Fasciculata, Reticularis, and Medulla
Zona fasciculata and reticularis

Adrenal zones with info

Unmarked all Zona's
adrenal gland 2

Adrenal medulla
terms to Know:
Chromaffin cells- produce both adrenaline and noradrenaline
Sympathetic ganglia
Medullary Vein
- Adrenal blood supply flows from capsular arteries to medullary veins by percolating through cortical sinusoids.

Chromaffin Cells

adrenal medullary veins
Medullary vein

A Few pictures to review the adrenal gland

Zona Reticularis & Medulla

Zona Reticularis and Fasciculata

adrenal gland 1

All zonas


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