Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Endocrine Histology Plenty of Histo Ovaries and testes

Ovary Medulla and Cortex

Terms to know:

ovary medulla and cortex

The outer portion of the ovary is called the cortex. The inner portion is called the medulla. There is some ill-defined difference in stromal texture between cortex and medulla, but the main distinction is that the cortex includes all of the ovarian follicles while the medulla contains the larger blood vessels.

Ovarian Follicles

Ovarian Follicles produce estrogen, progesterone and inhibin

Ovarian Follicles

Terms to know:
Interstitial Cells (cells of Leydig)- produces testosterone
Sustentacular cells (Sertoli cells)- produces inhibin

Testes Leydig and Sustentacular Cells

Sustentacular Cells, also called Sertoli cells nourish spermatogenic cells
form blood/testis barrier to keep sperm from immune system. Produces Inhibin

Cells of Leydig produce Testosterone

Interstitial cells, also called cells of Leydig

There is a plethora of Histology gathered here for the class lab, most are found on various University websites... Although there are probably a handful, or less students who check this blog (counting myself of course) to give credit where credit is due the slides are gathered from the following web pages:

University Delaware Biology

University of Omaha

Kansas State University

My Favorite Histology Site so far from the school of medicine
SIU School of Medicine

Another great Histology resource College of Medicine U of Illinois great practice and info!

For a quick break down of all organs and hormones in one quick page (histology on links) check outLake Michigan College

One Quick Look at one page of histology Endocrine Histology in a glance


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