Monday, April 21, 2008

Lower Respiratory Structures Histology

Lower Respiratory Structures to know:

Cartilage plates
Seromucus glands
Clara cells
(surfactant secreting)
collapsed lumen
Smooth Muscle
Respiratory Bronchioles
Smooth Muscle
Alveolar Ducts
Pulmonary Arteries and Veins

The first selection is labeled pictures followed by some unlabeled pics for practice.
Slides are mostly gathered from the following histology web sites:

University of Delaware

Bronchi Photos Labeled
bronchus labeled

bronchiole lumen labeled

bronchiolar cartilage labeled

LR bronchiole labeled

Respiratory Bronchiole
respiratory epithelium labeled


alveoli labeled

Unlabeled Histology:

bronchus and cartilage

respiratory bronchiole

LR bronchiole

LR bronchiole 2

LR bronchus

LR bronchus c cartilage patches

LR respiratory bronchiole

LR terminal bronchiole

Lower Resp Alveoli

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